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[TRANS] Deseo {LG}

NAME: Deseo
JP: --
YT: Deseo
Vocaloid: Luka Megurine and Gakupo Kamui

{I AM SO SORRY, MUNESANZUN that it's 10wks late. ;_; I try to get requests done as soon as I can but but... orzorzorzorzsorry.}

{Luka is PINK}
{Gakupo is PURPLE}
{Both is Normal (Black)}

"Deseo"... Tell me, Fortuna

In the corner of the room sways a Rosa
Lights illuminating her white skin

Whispering softly into my ear
I can't control myself in this sultry night

Unable to drink all of the Mojito, the ice melts away
Crimson red Grenadine, pouring it into the mouth
Kissing as a "Que sera sera"

"Deseo" closing up your lips
"Deseo" spilling out sweet sighs
"Deseo" melting together
Until we become the same colour

I explained our relationship
But, the feeling slowly grows

It's not right, I know as I drink
It's a side effect of this drug

Swelling red at a sensitive place
Losing sight of all reason

"Deseo" my sweating body
"Deseo" tangling long hair
"Deseo" the back of my neck shaking
"Deseo" engraving the proof

We both know our attractions
Now don't cry out (Te amo.)

"Deseo" break through the pleasure
"Deseo" a distorted face
"Deseo" that gasping voice
"Deseo" shouting your name

"Deseo" whispering words of love
"Deseo" talking is all a lie
"Deseo" a failing Morado y Rosa

Beside me is the laughing Fortuna

Why, Fortuna
Help me, Fortuna



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Jan. 19th, 2010 07:47 pm (UTC)
Just to enchance it a bit, Rosa in the beginning means rose, and Morado y Rosa - purple and pink colours. :) Other than that, magnificent translation and ... this song is .... *blushes* ... cute.
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