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All my lyrics/translations are free to use, as long as you don't claim them as yours.
If you want to claim lyrics as yours, then translate and/or write your own.

Please note that a large majority of the translations here (especially ones before 2013) are faulty, to say the least, due to being based off of unreliable sources or my prior lack of language ability.
For those songs which are tagged as [LYRICS], please do not use them in anything other than English covers. If you wish to re-write or use them in a video/image/quotation/etc., I highly recommend that you find a different translation.
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The first one is called Neverland Syndrome, I believe. The second one, I'm not sure.
But I hope it isn't too much of a hassle. ^.^"
Second one will be translated by Motoko@
This is by Rin and Len. Kind of. Kind of.

It's "Twilight Prank" from the Daughter of Evil Theater Play and it was composed by Akuno-P and sang by Shimoda Asami (the seiyuu for Rin and Len). Supposedly it's in the Aku-no continuity.

The problem is, it's never been translated, it's never seen romaji, and there's a problem with the lyrics sheet: the last two choruses are not reproduced accurately in the sheet, so the second-to-last chorus is omitted entirely. It requires listening to get it right.

The song:

The lyrics sheet:

I attempted to convert the lyrics sheet into typed kanji, but I probably didn't do so well and there was that error in the middle: - this is only if it helps

Thanks so much if you end up doing this.
Hooooly crap. I suck at listening a lot, but I'll see what I can do.


10 years ago

Love ya for spelling colour that way :3

Haha xD


March 3 2010, 14:59:58 UTC 10 years ago

can I request a lyric, Rena?
it's Meiko's song, the title is Rosette. Thank you :D
Pretty short huh.. BDA is so cool!!


10 years ago


10 years ago


10 years ago

request XD


March 9 2010, 12:14:23 UTC 10 years ago

umm, hello :D can I ask you for a translation? XDD
the title is yakusoku by gakupo kamui~~ thanks before,,
Hi, I'm really sorry if I'm bothering you, but could you be so kind as to translate Shota Desuyon? Link:

Yeah, I like yaoi ^^; Sorry for the trouble!
Late reply ffff

Shota Desuyon has been translated by... someone. I think they deleted it, but this has a reprint of it:


March 30 2010, 19:35:43 UTC 10 years ago

Can you do the translation of "nitrobenzene"?



March 30 2010, 23:52:17 UTC 10 years ago

【初音ミク・オリジナルPV】 黄昏準特急 【黄昏P】
Will be translated by Motoko@
Hi, can I request for translation of 'Floating Love, Moon Flower' by Len and Luka?
Hello, sorry if a bother you
but I want to know if you can do de translation of "Tsugihagi Sandoku"
I really like the song and I want to know what it say
Thanks n_n

Request !


April 30 2010, 19:58:02 UTC 10 years ago

hi, I really love your job, your translates are great...
I'd like to ask you the translate of this music :
kagamine rin - trick art by DATEKEN
I've searched translate but I couldn't found it, so I came here to ask you.
thank you.
Could you please translate the Miku song その一秒 スローモーション ? I love this song but I've noticed there aren't any English translations of it. Thanks!
Ello, ever considered translating "Proof of Life" Sung by Rin Kagamine of into English and Romaji? Or just romaji, because I have already found plenty videos with English.

Also, if you are remotely interested, try translating Soundless Voice as well (Answer song to Proof of Life). Thank you for listening ^^!
Aren't there tons of videos with the romaji for Proof of Life as well as the translation for Soundless Voice? The first entry on the search on YT had it.
Im searching "sorya sou desu – Suzumura Kenichi" or "Itadakimasu - Yoeko kurahashi". Is possible I can have a translation? Thank u a lot for u great job. You make many happy to people.
I did Itadakimasu (I love Yoeko too!!)@

But.. I can't find the Suzumura Kenichi song? If you have the JP title, that'd be great.


9 years ago

Could you translate Yami no Ou by KAITO?

Also, Imitation Black by KAITO, Gakupo and Len. It's one of my favorite vocaloid songs <3

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