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All my lyrics/translations are free to use, as long as you don't claim them as yours.
If you want to claim lyrics as yours, then translate and/or write your own.

Please note that a large majority of the translations here (especially ones before 2013) are faulty, to say the least, due to being based off of unreliable sources or my prior lack of language ability.
For those songs which are tagged as [LYRICS], please do not use them in anything other than English covers. If you wish to re-write or use them in a video/image/quotation/etc., I highly recommend that you find a different translation.
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September 12 2010, 21:32:08 UTC 9 years ago

umm... hi sorry to bother you but could you translate uhh... Declare war on all Vocaloid please... thanks


September 12 2010, 21:47:49 UTC 9 years ago

umm... if your busy doing other traslations or not and have some free time could you do this song by tei sukone please i would apperiacte it thanks a lot
You seem to be busy but... If it's possible, romaji or even lyrics for Miku's Kyrie Eleison?
Thank you so much! I got another request if you don't mind:

Can you please add the translation on what they are saying? I'm really curious especially on 1:57 where the girl showed her ID. I wonder what's on her ID and such.



September 18 2010, 04:21:01 UTC 9 years ago

Hi! Can you please do a translyrics for Bye Baby Sayonara by Miku Hatsune?

There's already English lyrics, but it doesn't seem to fit the tune/rhythm or the song in some parts...And I think it could be better C:

a note


September 29 2010, 04:45:26 UTC 9 years ago

i'm not good at translating things, i can barley read. would you help me out please....
and also
and if your really that bored
thanks you help me a lot!!
i really want to know wtf this says thanks it would really help
Erm, lol. It's a cover of Gekokujo. Been translated a long time ago.

i was randomly youtube surfing and came across this song someone made a weird commet so now i NEED to know why she or he wrote that!!



October 18 2010, 03:31:13 UTC 9 years ago

I HATE THINGS THATS NAME ISNT IN ENGLISH ITS IMPOSSIABLE 2 FIND TRANSLATIONS OF THOSE ON YOUTUBE~!!!!!!!!!! CURSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz help this VERY annoyed persons Can you please translate this song? I've little to no knowledge of the Japanese language and I was giving Google Translator too much credit.
Could you please translate "Chloe" by Lily?
Can you please translate this?

along with the message on the paper that they are holding?
May I request romaji to accompany the translyrics to Stock Lady?



November 29 2010, 00:11:25 UTC 9 years ago

sorry to bother you but could you plz translate declare war on all vocaloids, by tei sukone, the on ly reasom i want to kno is because she is my anime double.... that would help alot thanks for ur time!
Please translate this

I'm sure a lot of people have been wanting a translation of this. Can you please include those that they are saying?
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