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All my lyrics/translations are free to use, as long as you don't claim them as yours.
If you want to claim lyrics as yours, then translate and/or write your own.

Please note that a large majority of the translations here (especially ones before 2013) are faulty, to say the least, due to being based off of unreliable sources or my prior lack of language ability.
For those songs which are tagged as [LYRICS], please do not use them in anything other than English covers. If you wish to re-write or use them in a video/image/quotation/etc., I highly recommend that you find a different translation.
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i would like to request the song "Ame Moyou" since i am not able to find any translation. Thanks


February 15 2011, 11:11:44 UTC 9 years ago

Excuse me, but if you have some time can you please translate 【初音ミク・鏡音レン】ねじ恋ベクトル【PV付オリジナル】(再うp)?
Hi, I was wondering if you could do the romaji for this?


March 26 2011, 11:18:27 UTC 9 years ago

hi , where i can download piano sheet kokoro kiseki kagamine rin & len ? CAN YOU FIGURED OUT THIS ?!
Rena-san, could you translate and do romaji lyrics of テンションでOK♪?
There's the link:
um... if ya have the time would ya please translate this song? please?
Well you see i saw this picture of len WITH WOLF EARS AND COULDNT RESIST!!!!! anyways could you please translate the song, please?
It's a cover version. The original has been translated by KataGatar@
would you please translate this for me please, thanks rena...
Could you do a translation of The Wanderlast sung by Megurine Luka?
I haven't been able to find any decent translations and yours are always top-quality ^^
I hope it isn't too much trouble to make translyrics for this song.



July 4 2011, 00:22:08 UTC 8 years ago

Umm..Could you please make the romaji lyrics for both Len's and Rin's part in Hakaokuri no Uta?
I really can't find it anywhere...thx!
hey im looking for Japanese lyrics of "Daughter of Evil" do u by chance have one?


August 21 2011, 02:28:19 UTC 8 years ago

Could you do translation for this:>???
Please and thank you.

IF you could please do a romaji and sub for these videos i would be very grateful.
It just got released today, here's the youtube link:

If you need the original lyrics, the piapro page that has them:

My Japanese is pretty poor, I can only make out a few lines, unfortunately ><;...
Late OTL but there's a translation @apparentlyimapsycho:

Only thing is that I would change the beginning's 「リア充爆発しなさいっ!!」 to something more like "IRLfags should explode into a million pieces!!"
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