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All my lyrics/translations are free to use, as long as you don't claim them as yours.
If you want to claim lyrics as yours, then translate and/or write your own.

Please note that a large majority of the translations here (especially ones before 2013) are faulty, to say the least, due to being based off of unreliable sources or my prior lack of language ability.
For those songs which are tagged as [LYRICS], please do not use them in anything other than English covers. If you wish to re-write or use them in a video/image/quotation/etc., I highly recommend that you find a different translation.
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January 1 2012, 20:33:47 UTC 8 years ago

Hi! I'd love to request a translation of Kagamine Len's "平日(くもり)" . There's already one translation on youtube but it's all wrong.

Thank you.
Could you please translate shinkai city underground (深海シティアンダーグラウンド ) by Kagamine Rin please? Thank you so much.



January 31 2012, 03:53:54 UTC 8 years ago

I'm sorry if i bother you. But can you give me the romaji lyric of Last Song ラストソング ? I really need it but I can't find the lyric accept the translation. :( Thank you so much if you can help



March 10 2012, 20:25:20 UTC 8 years ago

Can you please trasnlate this song, I found one with the English Sub in Youtube, but it sucks, please translate it!!!!!!!!

Uh, what song? YouTube embeds won't work without tags.



March 19 2012, 11:51:02 UTC 8 years ago

Please translate this, This song just come out from Nico a month ago but there`s still no English Sub >.>
Hello, I was hoping you could translate the song FAKE by Meiko and Megurine Luka, the PV is located here:

Someone has done a Spanish translation of it and it includes romaji at this link if that will make it easier for you:


April 1 2012, 04:42:12 UTC 8 years ago

Hello! Could you translate Deco*27's ゲノミクロニクル? I haven't seen any translations around. Thank you!
Could you please translate Romantic Breaker?
Hi, if your not busy I was wondering if you could give me an english translation of nekomura irohas night and black cat. The video can be found here:

I have been looking everywhere for English lyrics but I cant find one. I would really appreciate it if you could give me a translation for this :)
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