RENA ): (takeit_home) wrote,

[TRANS] sunlight loops {Kagamine}

NAME: sunlight loops
JP: ---
YT: sunlight loops
Vocaloid: Rin and Len Kagamine

Sometimes I fall to hard impulses
Spilling out from here to there

Sometimes I forget just what's cool
And it still won't end, so go

The faded sky gets coloured
Maybe this evening rain, ah, won't stop

You know, it'll shine after all this
The clear weather starts and repeats, loop talk

Hiding away my pounding heart
To make sure your intentions are sweet
The old days need to go, Bye
So the future can come along easy

Tomorrow will clear up for the sunlight
But sorry, today there's no sunlight
That comes with the sun's temporary comfort

My decisions are wavering here
Trying to look for the sunlight garden

Running after the sunlight in the trees
That's now weak, beautiful wind, so, should we go

An undone shoelace and I can't walk anymore
Disappearing one way from the painted sky

Maybe freedom is impossible, attainable only now
Blow on the tea, the rest is a fast Hot Beat

Hold the flicking light and go to sleep
Moving unhindered forever

sunrise Raised your face and you smiled
Your smile was shining and I looked down

All over again loop sunshine, sunlight in dreams
Broken by fickleness, life easy take me sunlight
Where will we play tomorrow, troubled sunlight

Tags: kagamine, trans
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