RENA ): (takeit_home) wrote,

[TRANS] Lambency {Miku}

NAME: Lambency
JP: ---
YT: Lambency
Vocaloid: Miku Hatsune

Holding in my lap the curtain of night
That I rip apart as my tears dry
It's generally obviously caused by love
It's generally obviously seeked for

The impatient wound I have is justified
As usual, the world only makes fun of it

The outlines have long since melted
While I'm feeling both of your hands
And yet I still remain here
Living only within you

I've certainly changed quite a bit
The world has also changed over time
I obviously understand that
I obviously have noticed it

The tiny flickering light had vanished
It's red afterimage burned into my eyes

We've long since come to the end
While I'm looking to both of your eyes
And yet I still remain here
Living only within you

I see your tearful smiling face
And my own smile is then shattered
I can only compensate for your being
I can only save away your being

The world has long since vanished
Please give me the best of you
Though I am obviously not here
Living only within you

Tags: miku, trans
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