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[LYRICS] Cosmorhythm - コスモリズム {Miku Hatsune}

NAME: Cosmorhythm
JP: コスモリズム
YT: Cosmorhythm
Vocaloid: Miku Hatsune #by Kimuta

I see that you're always at my side, so I hope
I can tell you what I'm feeling, I want to give my thanks to you
So fast, even neutrinos can't keep up

Now that we've found a place that we're together
We could take the chance and we'd start holding hands
But the astronomical possibility of that is
A bit of a mystery

Lan☆Lan the stars are twinkling tonight
Singing into the sky of the dark night
Keep the feeling the cosmorhythm
And I will send you a love song
Far☆Far even though you're so far away
I am sure that I will find you one day, and so
I'll be humming a love song 'til then into the reaches of the universe

With all the universe there is, our meeting was a miracle
I wonder if you'd be able to recieve the messages full of my love

(One, two, let's go!)

Kyun☆Kyun my heart's beating wild in my chest
I can't bring myself to take my eyes off you
I wish on a comet passing by
That we will always stay together like this
Choo☆Choo I keep my eyes closed so tight
And I hold you without saying a single word
And I'll say it, now we're together,
"Thank you a lot, and I really love you!"

(I wish upon a shooting star...)
(I wish upon a shooting star...)

Tags: lyrics, miku
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