RENA ): (takeit_home) wrote,

[TRANS] Tell Me Goodbye - さよならを聞かせてよ {Gumi}

NAME: Tell Me Goodbye
JP: さよならを聞かせてよ
YT: Tell Me Goodbye
Vocaloid: Gumi #Music by Buriru-P, lyrics by korumi

Tell me goodbye
Then I can give up on you
Because I know that
I'm the only one who feels anything

It's a common misunderstanding
I realized that too late
My feelings, with nowhere to go,
Are futile, and break apart

I dreamt of you until a while ago,
Hurt by the wounds I started to forget
You acted a little bit dumb,
But I couldn't hate you

I gathered my courage and you smiled when I told you how I felt
You gave me your hand, and it was awfully warm

Tell me goodbye
Then I can give up on you
Because I know that
I'm the only one who feels anything

My love is deep in my heart,
But it's too late to bury it
Your innocent expression
Made my heart feel tight

I followed your eyes for a while
To where that long-haired girl was

Your eyes had a painful, loving expression
The feelings I held on to overflowed with my tears

You're so kind, so you won't say it, will you?
And yet I'm such an idiot for loving you still

Tell me goodbye
That's what a real man would do
Because I know that
You don't have any feelings for me, do you?

You must tell me goodbye
I can't forget you like this
It will be a painful day,
But I will wave goodbye with a smile

Tags: gumi, trans

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