RENA ): (takeit_home) wrote,

[LYRICS] Nonsensical Speaker - 戯言スピーカー {Miku Hatsune}

NAME: Nonsensical Speaker
JP: 戯言スピーカー
YT: Tawagoto Speaker
Vocaloid: Miku Hatsune #by Nekobolo

The feelings that I have held inside
You kill, are killed off one by one
The smiles they bore seem to have died
And hate, and hateful tears now run.

The wounds that have been made in me deep
All hurt, they hurt, they're unspoken
Because maybe they weren't meant to keep,
You never noticed them.

Every word you say to me
Is like you're killing me softly
I'm sure it's because you don't know
The way my heart is dying slow

Once it's through, there's no more light
And now I have to face the night
As long as "I" can "lie", then I will be all of "me"

The morning comes to light, you're gone away
You're gone, have gone, and that's okay
But still you're here with me, with what I feel
And the scars, all the scars cannot heal

Though I seem to be the same,
And your smile doesn't bear the shame
I can't forgive you anymore
The feelings that I can't ignore

Though it "breaks my heart", to say
It is meaningless anyway
And "I" am just a "fool", so very daft
I laughed and laughed

And now, I am gone, disappeared, though really not, I'm really not

Every word you say to me
Is like you're killing me softly
I can't forgive you anymore
Nor can I forgive myself

If everything is well with you,
It feels like I've been killed anew
As long as "I" can "lie", then I will be all of "me", can't you see.

Tags: lyrics, miku

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