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Vocaloid: Miku Hatsune #by Fullkawa-P

If we're the ones we ought to blame,
Then that's okay, it's still the same
And now our wish is coming true,
We lost it all, it all falls through

I needed but your face so faint
And my heart beat without restraint
I want to tell you a secret.
Though darkness has already set.

The streets are fading, sometimes I can feel the wind brush against me
The dusk had fallen down on us.

But that was so long ago.
I left my feelings there to die, although
I will sing into the air
As if my song will softly blow through your hair

Goodbye to you.
Farewell, adieu.
See you again.
Be well 'til then.

Sometime, I guess.
Thank you, and bless.
But now, you know, I have to go.

Now have you found your answer? No, you haven't? I guess that's too bad.
And did you pick up all the dusk?
I wrote a letter onto your back that I could never count on
Did you notice I could hardly write?

The day clear, we said goodbye.
And tears gave water to the sunny sky.
I cannot ever go back.
My feet have taken all the strength that I lack.

But that was the beginning
A seed came out of my fallen feelings
And the sky shed tears in vain
Because your lashes had been soaked in my rain.

Tags: lyrics, miku

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