RENA ): (takeit_home) wrote,

[LYRICS] glow {Miku}

NAME: glow
JP: --
YT: glow
Vocaloid: Miku Hatsune #by keeno

The rain was coming down as cold as I could feel
And melted into blue wounds that cannot be healed.
Sometimes when I would look out to the evening sky,
I'd hear the laughing of someone out of my eyes.

I didn't even notice that we weren't little anymore
It's easy for us now to tell beautiful, hollow things.
So much has happened, and we had more pain than we asked for,
But now I cannot say I'm not still hurting.

In the evening, my tears
Seem to be as red as the resting sun
You, who I have held onto all these years, gone in a day
Far away.

The scars you left won't disappear, reminding me of how you had won
All over me, they're keeping you here, so I cannot go on.
Just go away, leave me alone,
Though I wanted to be on my own,

Why is it that I want to still hold you against me close inside my arms?

Now your voice is growing far away from me
Taken in the red of the resting sun.
You, who I can barely strain my eyes to see in fading light,
Will vanish into the night.

My fingers are shaking in the evening near
Covered in the red of the spilling sun.
You, who I have held onto all these years, gone in a day
Stole away.

And between the clouds, a hole is made there
The tears come before I'm aware.
Every second, you blurred a little more, and
I held onto you close in my arms.

Tags: lyrics, miku

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