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[LYRICS] World is Mine - ワールドイズマイン {Miku Hatsune}

NAME: World is Mine (Princess Side)
JP: ワールドイズマイン
YT: World is Mine
Vocaloid: Miku Hatsune

The number one princess in the whole world
You should know by now how to please me

First off
You should know when my hair got cut right down to the inch
Second off
You should know when I wear a brand new pair of shoes, get it?
Third off
For every word I speak to you, I expect three words in reply
If you understand
My right hand feels rather empty so hold it!
Nothing said
That could be really all that selfish I'm sure
I only want you to think that I'm super-cute..
Truely and genuinely

The number one princess in the whole world
Remember that hey~ hey~
You're not allowed to keep me waiting
Just who do you think that I am?
Now I want to go
And eat some sweets, where?
Of course I mean now.

Check 1, 2..

My fault?
You know by now that I won't complain about such things
Right? Can you hear me? Fine, I'll repeat it...
Oh, and also this
Get a white horse like in a book, and take me away
If you understand
Kneel down and call me a princess
Nothing said
That could be really all that selfish I'm sure
Though it is alright to go and scold me
Just a little bit

My only Prince in the whole world
You should know that hey~ hey~
Both our hands are empty
Our words have been a little sad recently
Why, why is that?
Come on notice it faster

You absolutely don't understand it, understand it ever!

Fruit topped strawberry shortcake
Pudding made with only the best of the best
I will.. I will try to hold back
Don't go thinking that I'm greedy
I can act proper as well
You'll regret your words!

Naturally! Because I am..

The number one princess in the whole world
I'll wander off if you don't always watch me
I'm being grabbed tightly, save me!
"Be more careful." And you turned away

..But I think that you're more dangerous


(Probably my hardest song ever.)
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